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Tutorial - How do I download YouTube videos?

Hi there friends! These days, many users keep asking me about how to download video from YouTube to local disc to enjoy.
Maybe you are one of the users who are still confused. In this tutorial, I will teach you step by step to download YouTube videos.

The only two things you'll need:

Now, let's get started.

Step 1. Download and run YouTube Downloader

Click here to download YouTube Downloader and install it.

All Free YouTube Downloader is a free tool that downloads and converts videos from YouTube, which allows you to easily grab and save desired YouTube video to your local disc. Just paste the URL of a video into the program and click "Download". Download, install & launch All Free YouTube Downloader now to try the simplest download ever.

Double-click the icon to launch the program.

Step 2. Choose download wizard

Choose "Download video from YouTube" mode.

Download Mode

Step 3. Paste URLs & select download setting

Paste YouTube video URLs, set the download sequence of preferred quality and choose download folder.

You can copy all the YouTube URLs at a time and paste them. If you paste a wrong URL, the program will pop up a reminder window with the incorrect URL and "This is not a YouTube video link" text.

The download priority settings here does not guarantee that you get whatever format and quality you want - 2 conditions to make it work: 1. The format/quality you want must be listed in the "Prefer YouTube high quality" window activated by "Config..." button; 2. The format/quality you want must be available on the YouTube video page. If you don't need this function, just uncheck "Prefer YouTube high quality" and the default quality would be HQ5.

Download Settings

Step 4. Download

Start download and wait until the download is finished.

Tip: The filename of the downloaded video will be the same with the title text of the YouTube page the URL links to. If needed, after the downloading, you can click "Open folder" to get the downloaded file and manually rename it.


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