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What does All Free MP3 Joiner do?

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The step-by-step instructions below will help you get started using All Free MP3 Joiner. Simple instructions, format presets & direct joining are provided for easier operation, better output quality & more time saving.

You need only 3 steps to get the merged files. All you need to do is to install and launch this joiner & follow the instructions.

How does it work in detail?

1. add audio files to joining list

By "Add Files" button, you can activate a browser window to find and input the audio files to be merged. You can add audio of the same or different formats. The detailed information of the added files can be viewed. You can use "Delete" to remove selected file from the list; or use "Clear" to remove all listed files. You can also drag the listed files to arrange the sequences.

2. output settings and quality adjustment

We provide 4 output formats in "Export Format" menu (MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG) and you just need to choose one of them as needed.

Then, if you want to adjust the output quality, you should click the "Settings" button to use the well-configured quality presets for every format; you can also enter the specific parameters you want. After the quality adjustment, you should choose "Merge" in "Export Menu" (If you want to convert the added files, choose "Convert").

You can add more files or click "Merge" button to specify the output location and filename in the activated window. Finally click "Save" to start the merging.

3. processing

After you hit "Save" button, the program will immediately perform the joining. You can view a processing window. During the progress, you may click "Stop" to stop the conversion. When the merging is finished, you can open the output location to get the merged audio file.

That's it. No cost, no registration, no malware & no complicated operation.


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