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Tutorial - How to Split PDF Files?

The only two things you'll need:

Some PDF documents need to be split into pieces. Maybe the file is so large that it would overwhelm available bandwidth when posted online. Maybe one large editing project needs to be divided into smaller tasks split among several employees. Maybe the file includes multiple documents that were concatenated out of convenience but were never intended to be merged as a single document. In all cases, All Free PDF Merger Splitter can help to break up large files into smaller PDF documents.

Step 1. Download and run PDF Merger Splitter

Click here to download PDF Merger Splitter and install it. Double-click the icon to launch the program.

Step 2. Input PDF

Click "PDF Split" tab and "Load PDF" to choose the PDF file you want to split and click "OK" to input it to the PDF Split window.

Input PDF

Step 3. Specify split settings

To go to the previous page/next page, click "Previous"/"Next"; while "First"/"Last" to switch to the first/last page of the PDF file.
There are 3 ways to split the PDF file:
The number entered in "Split after every" is to indicate to split an equal number of PDF pages into individual PDF files;
PDF file can be easily split by bookmark if you click the "Each bookmark";
To create a new PDF file with some pages kept, just enter the page numbers or page range in "Page range (example: 1,3,5-10,13,16-20)".

Specify split settings

Step 4. Start splitting

Click "Split PDF" to select an output folder. Click "OK" and the splitting process will be completed within seconds.

Start splitting

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