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Tutorial - How to Convert DVD to MP3?

The only two things you'll need:

All Free DVD to MP3 Converter is a free DVD to MP3 converting software to freely convert DVD to MP3 to put it on your MP3 players. You can easily extract a certain beautiful section of music or dialog from your DVD video file and save them as MP3 files; or you can convert DVD audio tracks to MP3 for burning Audio CD. All Free DVD to MP3 Converter helps you get perfect output mp3 files as the originals.

Step 1. Download and run DVD to MP3 Converter

Click here to download Free DVD to MP3 Converter and install it. Double-click the icon to launch the program.

Step 2. Load DVD

Insert a video DVD and click "Load DVD" or "Load DVD Folder" to load the video in the inserted disc.

Load DVD

Step 3. Select what you want to convert

After loading, all the available titles of the DVD will be listed in the window. You can choose titles from the list and select Audio Track & Subtitle or disable them as needed. Enter the number of the starting and ending chapters to choose any chapter of the titles to copy. Click "Play" button on the right to preview the video with our built-in DVD player. You can also pause or stop the video with the "Pause" and "Stop" button. Taking a snapshot of the scene being played is allowed.

Select what you want to convert

Step 4. Specify output settings

Click "Browse..." to select a target folder to store the copied videos. Active "Target" menu and three tabs: "Video", "Devices" & "Audio", containing various supported formats, are displayed. Click "Audio" tab and choose "To MP3" as the output format. Then, you can choose the quality presets from the drop-down menu below. All the presets have short descriptions of the usages. With all the settings done, click "Start Now" to start ripping.

Specify output settings

Step 5. Start ripping

After you hit "Start Now", some ripping information and a progress bar will be displayed within just few seconds. Select the post-process options to automatically play the sound or shut down the computer after the ripping is finished.

Start ripping

When the window disappears, the DVD video has been successfully ripped. If needed, click "Find Target" to directly open the output folder to get the ripped DVD video.

Find the converted files

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